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The Cardinal Cowboy Show

The Cowboy has been on many Local & National Networks & Media Outlets including these:

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Here is a list of our past shows and each organizations interview:

Show 8 - May 18th, 2017
1- Tony Fonte - New Beginnings 
2- Police Officer Cody Goodwin - Shot in the line of duty - St. Louis County Police
3- Ancient Order Of Hibernians - St. Charles - John Callahan & Fr. Doyle
4- Ancient Order Of Hibernians - St. Charles - Pres. Rocky Reitemeier - Richard Shoaf
5- Cardinals Cave - Stuart Imber - First Rate Mortgage St. Louis

Show 7 - April 13, 2017

- Interview 1: PowerPlex Launch - Dan Buck, Mike Claiborne, LaTeacha Tigue, Harold Lewis, Quin Buck, David & Josiah, Tracy Ellis

Week 7 - April 13th, 2017

- Interview 2: Carrollton Bank - President of Home Mortgage Lending Chris Purcell, Terrance Rogers Mortgage Lending / V.P.

Show 7 - April 13th, 2017

- Interview 3: Rapid Dry St. Louis - Grant Erfert

Show 7 - April 13th, 2017

- Interview 4: ChiropraticWorks - Dr. Kris McClusky

Show 7 - April 13th, 2017

- Interview 5: Discount Property Investor - David Dodge and Mike Slane

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Kurt Ramspott From Paul Davis Restoration:
"We use this interview to share the heart and story of our company (or organization). We will share it all over our Social Media, (Website) and E-mail for a long time to come."

Client Testimonial
Datix, Inc. - CEO Matt Schuval
Use this interview to share the heart and story of your company (or organization). Share it all over our Social Media, Website and E-mail for a long time to come.

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Cowboy & Channel 5's Pat McGonigle at Busch
Pat received the Memory Care Supporter Award

Past Winners, David Brcic, Jackie Joyner-Kersee & Cardinal Cowboy

Cardinal Cowboy on the big screen at the 2016 MLB All-Star Game Festivities
- Petco Park in San Diego, CA

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